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also under the section travelling.

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we are a secret that can't be exposed... this is so true.

for all the ones that see's

and knows... :)


i found a very intriguing text that describes perfectly what's going on for the moment on earth.

more info follows soon i must keep me on the author rights.. so i will adjust it a bit before publishing that piece in here with that certain quotes i found...


the storm or storms that is going around on the surface of earth

we must always expecting the best(from god) even when we are expecting to go trough the worst storm (from satan)
the bible declares: "greather is he who is in you"  then he that is in the world!(1 john 4:4  

because of all the lie's that are world wide spread for those seeking one major hint "it's the way you look at it"

think positive in all ways even about the negative ones just look it from the bright sight :)

this counts especially for those people that SEE 

just transform the negative in positive and foccus on that in a positive matter.. :)


not let "ego" control your thinking.. go beyond!!!  :)

i want this piece publishished because i notice many makes it a national sport of it, to confuse others on their path seeking for truth and light.
and causes this way only more mental suffering that is total not needed to do!!!
this what i will unveil will be a "bright light" for those people searching now, or those left in the darkness
and keep fooled around by certain people that find it funny to bring suffering uppon others.